5 pairs a day only! Dinner course of Pizza ski resort 【50 days aged cow's ivy and homemade dolce】 \ 3380

5 pairs a day only! Dinner course of Pizza ski resort 【50 days aged cow's ivy and homemade dolce】 \ 3380

By using a coupon3380 yen


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Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17

In addition, main dish prepared Tariata of aged ivy Ibo for 50 days ♪ From home-made dolce, siphon coffee after meal or It is a dinner course with tea. ☆ With coupons, also a plate with 5 great benefits ♪

Course menu

☆ Luxurious! Four kinds of seasonal appetizers assortment !!

One day appetizer platter

(1. Hom homemade domestic Misaki chicken ham

2. Homemade Alberta pork ham

3. Smoked herring carpaccio ~ herb sauce

4. Italian cheese to eat with homemade wasabi ... etc. etc.)

☆ Today's Special Soup

☆ authentic stone kiln pizza limited only for anniversary dinner course ♪

☆ authentic pasta or orisotto limited only for anniversary dinner course ♪

☆ 50 days aged beef tariata of Ichibo ~ Homemade sauce of commitment

☆ Homemade Dolce

Homemade dolce of one day ~

(Homemade tiramisu, homemade rare cheesecake, homemade panna cotta)

☆ Commitment after eating siphon coffee or tea

※ There are changes to the ingredients depending on the purchase situation.

※ For foods not good at difficulties, allergy etc., please tell us by phone or e-mail of reservation.

For the anniversary and birthday, the surprise plan of the five great benefits

We will also prepare \ 1280 ⇒ \ 0 with coupon ♪

■ To customers of anniversary, 5 great benefits! ■

1. Surprise plate with name 2. Original anniversary cocktail 3. Birthday song

4. Photo Propps free rental 5. Birthday card gifts taken with Cheki ♪

※ + 3000 yen ~ We will make a hall cake tailor-made

☆ For details, please see the surprise plate of the cooking page ♪

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Birthday ☆ Anniversary】 Surprise plan present ♪ such as Dolce with a name with 5 great benefits ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Reservation plan with more than 4000 yen drinks, or reservations for 3380 yen or 4380 yen dinner course / reservation required / can not be used with meal tickets / can not be combined with other tickets / services

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of June, 2018

2018/06/10 update