【Saturday, Sunday and public holidays】 25 persons ~ 3 hours Whole store shop plan ☆ Homemade dolce with plans! 5000 yen!

【Saturday, Sunday and public holidays】 25 persons ~ 3 hours Whole store shop plan ☆ Homemade dolce with plans! 5000 yen!
5000 Yen

Available for 25 people.

Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation limited, 3 hour charter plan ♪ It comes with popular homemade Dolce ♪ It is a big satisfaction plan ♪ Pasta to choose from among 4 kinds and pasta which can choose from 3 kinds of sauce is attractive! 1 person + 500 yen, Eleven items! Popular carpaccio plus ♪ In addition LO 120 minutes ⇒ relaxed to 150 minutes !!

Appetizer three Assorted
3 kinds of appetizers of a day ~
☆ Homemade chicken ham & homemade pig ham

☆ Marinated seafood

☆ Homemade Italian cheese and tofu ♪

☆ Today's Recommended Salad

☆ Homemade roast beef

☆ Extraordinary popularity! Garlic butter furry potatoes 【scorched soy sauce flavor】

☆ Canadian Alberta pork grill

☆ Pizza to choose from 4 species 【Milan style or Naples style】
(1 piece out of Margherita, Marinara, Fungi, Picante)

☆ Three kinds of pasta to choose from
(Garlic sauce, tomato sauce, 1 item from cream sauce)

☆ Homemade mini dolce
One day homemade mini dolce
(Homemade tiramisu, homemade rare cheesecake, homemade panna cotta)

There are also changes in contents depending on the purchase situation, such as appetizers ※.

☆ ☆ The stamina is also happy, the three big privileges of ordinary charter ☆ ☆

· One person + 500 yen, chef recommended! We got popular carpaccio
All 11 items! LO 120 minutes change ⇒ Loose 150 minutes Recommend plan OK !!

· Sound, 110-inch projector Projector equipment free of charge!

· For customers of the anniversary, gifts of five great benefits! ■
1. Surprise plate with a name 2. Original anniversary cocktail 3. Birthday song
4. Photo Propps free rental 5. Birthday card gifts taken with Cheki ♪

Pizza Kozo staff will support your secretary thoroughly until the day such as checking gifts and bouquets and schedule consultation!
Other, please feel free to consult us surprise production etc. ♪

Coupon that can be used

  • [Birthday ☆ anniversary] Surprise, such as 5 Dolce with large benefits with name plan presents ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use
      Reservation plan with ¥ 3980 or more drink unlimited, reservation for 3800 yen and 4800 yen dinner course / reservation required
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of July 2017